The herbs are grown in the mountainous and rocky areas of Crete. Their medicinal properties and their uses in Medicine were already known from ancient times.Their particular scents have enriched different dishes and have given peculiar tastes to the Cretan cuisine. In our stores you will find:


Its spicy flavour has made it an essential ingredient of various dishes, especially the widely known Greek salad. The oregano is considered a significant calmant and spasmolysant for polymyalgia and pneumopathies, has analgesic effects in acute and chronic rheumatisms and disinfects the respiratory tract in cases of tuberculosis and asthma.
It is the most renowned plant for its healing properties. A series of experiments have proven its bactericide properties against microbes and bacteria. Blossomed thyme is considered the best nutrition for bees. It is used as seasoning for meat and salads, as well as an ideal marinade ingredient. It increases lucidity and strengthens the nerves. It also functions as a deterrent antibiotic in epidemics of flu, helps blood circulation and strengthens the heart, fights fatigue, arthritis and rheumatism.
It is used to flavour the dishes, but it serves also as a precious drink in cases of rheumatism, feelings of weakness or overfatigue. It helps hair development and increases blood circulation on the spot where it is placed. Rosemary is ideal for the disinfection of indoor areas and the prevention of contaminations.

The Dioscurides recommended basil against dysuria. Mashed basil leaves were traditionally used as an antidote to mosquito and snake bites. Basil tea is good for digestion and sooths the intestines. Basil extracts act against thrush and herpes of the mouth. It is also good for migraines, headaches, motion sickness and pregnancy nausea. Following child birth, women chew basil leaves to increase their production of milk.
Widely used in Mediterranean dishes, mint flavours meat, vinegar and wine, as well as various sauces and food mixes. It is also used in cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, because of its healing and soothing properties against headaches and insect bites. Mint as a drink is recommended in cases of sleep disorders and to patients with cholocystopathy.
Hippocrates used this herb as a medicine against stomachaches and diseases that affect the digestive system. It has been proved effective against rheumatalgias and arthralgias and has healing and anticonvulsant properties.
This herb prevents ephidrosis and is recommended against hypotension, causing higher blood concentration in the brain. It balances the parasympathetic nervous system and acts against hoarseness, pharyngitis, dyspepsia and arthralgias.
Malotira (mountainous tea)
It is a Greek kind of tea with fabulous scent and flavour that sprouts on the Cretan mountains. It positively affects the nervous system by giving us a sense of well being. It is used as a medicine to fight colds and influenza, while it protects us from arteriosclerosis and relieves from headaches.

Our herbs are also used in our special mixes for various dishes:
*Mix for potatoes (with oregano, basil, mint, mustard, pepper)
*Mix for Greek salad (with oregano, basil, thyme, mint, parsley, black pepper)
*Mix for tomato sauce (with oregano, basil, onion, black pepper)
*Mix for fish (with rosemary and chilly flakes)
*Mix for tzatziki (with garlic, dill and white pepper)
*Mix for souvlaki (with oregano, basil, thyme, mixed pepper, Tasty)