Our Folklore Museum

Located in Vrysses, our folklore museum takes up two floors. The construction of this museum had been the owner’s age-long dream, inspired by the Braoudakis family’s traditional activities in the field of production.
It is a site that visitors shouldn’t miss, as it hosts various exhibits of traditional and historical value.

History of the museum

At the age of 20, Antonis Braoudakis became a member of the local cultural club and it was at that time that the idea of constructing a folklore museum struck him. He then started to save money towards this purpose, since the cultural club no longer existed to proved him with financial assistance. Longing to see his dreams come true, and after years of persistence, with the solid support of his wife Eleni, his mother Vasiliki and his brother George, this old concept was finally materialized.

Folklore Exhibition

Through the collection of Folklore items, memories become a source of information and a valuable guide for the habits and customs of the traditional way of life in Crete. The tools and the materials, the dozens of items displayed that are being housed in the main building of our Cottage Industry, depict and give an idea of the way of working and the farm life with its joys and hardships.

Traditional items

Our museum includes traditional vessels and tools of the agricultural life, like hand-made baskets, old wooden barrels and equipment for the vine-harvest. The loom and the traditional embroideries that decorate the walls bring the visitor close to the sense of an old traditional home. The museum also serves an educational purpose due to its historical items that are also in display. Black-and-white family photographs and an old chest that contains war medals, a few letters and seals witness the effects of WWII on Cretan grounds. Under no circumstances should one avoid visiting this folklore museum. Its unique exhibits make the visit worthwhile!